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Artist, Rebecca Klobucher is collaborating with local, and also international artists and designers to form “Les Mains,” an art workshop and community place to be located in Les Ateliers de la Cote. Les Mains will support all forms of hand-made art, and also offer workshops for kids, seniors, prisoners, refugees… anyone who is willing to create art, and community!

Screen-printing will be a large component of the workshop activities, and in order to raise needed funds for equipment and supplies, small pieces of original, hand-made art with the subject matter of birds, and nature are being sold. For a $50 gift to help purchase necessary equipment and supplies for the workshop, one will receive an original art work, by Ms. Klobucher of his/her choice.

Les Mains hopes to provide more ways to bridge cultures, and eventually invite people (like you) to attend an artist residency and add to our international community!

* For more information on obtaining art and aiding the workshop, please contact Rebecca by e-mail, or telephone:

In Switzerland: +41 (0)79 197 31 76


Rebecca Klobucher is an award-winning artist who exhibits internationally. Her powerful paintings and prints seek to reveal true community, through various means of storytelling.


Klobucher Rambert
+41 (0) 79 197 31 76